Omelas and Heart Berries

by Shria Kondragunta

My speech was based on Response 7 on whether I would leave Omelas and Response 6 on what my scenario from the Heart Berries reading was. I chose to talk about how if I were to stay in Omelas I would miss out on many opportunities to grow as a person.


By Ji Qi

I focus on the story of Omelas and Heart Berries. I find utilitarianism existing in many aspects of society. Too often, utilitarianism sacrifices the interests of the few. But is this sacrifice really necessary? Is the disaster of utilitarianism limited to a few people? These are questions worth thinking about. In my speech, I argue that utilitarianism does not just hurt a child. Utilitarianism is likely to hurt an entire nation.

Minorities in America

by Brandon Hsia

For my elevator speech, I decided to focus on my weekly response number 3 due to recent events in the Asian American community. It focuses on the book Minor Feelings written by Cathy Park Hong and the book Heart Berries written by Terese Marie Mailhot. In my speech, I talk about racism and discrimination minorities face in America. 

Storytelling through Illustration

by Elise Marsicek

This elevator speech introduces the illustration I created for response 2 surrounding central themes depicted in Minor Feelings. This response stood out to me because it showcases how ideas from authors like Cathy Park Hong or Terese Marie Mailhot can be translated into many different mediums of narration, such as a drawing. The pain that Hong or Mailhot describe in their own texts is not easy to personify, but instead can be depicted in storytelling and understood in our own pictures of such ideas.


by Ethan Valera

In this video, I present my best work: a drawing of my interpretation of Cathy Park Hong’s definition of “minor feelings.” I focus on themes of identity, primarily the distortion and erasure of one’s identity and racial experiences, found in Cathy Park Hong’s book, Minor Feelings, and Terese Mailhot’s memoir, Heart Berries.


by Vishal Urs

This is a small speech that briefly highlights the best works and learning experiences of this class. I refer to the themes and benefits obtained from this class while depicting a few of my responses through the assisting presentation. 

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