Social Alienation

by Albaraa Jadallah

The works featured in my video are responses to Minor Feelings and The Metamorphosis. In this speech, the main focus is the impacts of alienation on one’s mental state. I wish I had more time so that I could use more evidence and discuss other works read in this class. If I had more time, I would use Reel Injun and Heart Berries.

On Self-Centeredness

by Lynne Kim

In my elevator speech, I mainly talked about the human’s most basic nature, self-centeredness. I linked this human nature to our society and the issues that arose among the short stories we have read. 

Loss and Distortion of Identity

by Malcolm McClymont

This elevator speech summarizes how we have analyzed loss of identity and distortion of identity through the stories we have read. It focuses primarily on Kafka’s short story “Metamorphosis” and Mailhot’s novel “Heart Berries.”

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