False Happiness

by Varun Raghupathy

My speech was based on my answer to Response 7: Would you walk away from the Omelas? In this speech, I explain my reasoning and compare it to another course material we read, Wretched of the Earth. Using these two sources, I provide backup to my answer; that happiness based off the pain and suffering of others is not true happiness.


by Ashwin Kidambi

This is a short speech about the broad aspect of reality based on colonizers and the city of Omelas while showing my essay answering the question of whether I would leave Omelas. I refer to the text about Omelas and The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon.

Would you walk away from real life?

by Bernardo de Araujo Alvarenga

This elevator speech tries to make sense of the short story “Would you walk away from Omelas” in light of real life events. It compares the context of the story with Fanon’s work and the book Minor Feelings.

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