Bottled Up

By Safeer Ahmed

This elevator speech is based on Response 2. Essentially, the entire focus of the piece is on the quote from page 55 of Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong, “Oh it’s all in your head“. The speech highlights evidence from two other readings from this semester, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas and The Wretched of the Earth, to imply that the bottled-up ‘minor’ feelings that minorities in America and around the world illustrated are not imaginary — they are real.

False Identity and Racism

by Haroone Mutlek

My elevator speech, focuses on my main takeaways from SCLA102. My views have shifted as a minority growing up in America. Cathy Park Hong and mainly Frantz Fanon have affected my views on racism and issues in the United States and the world. By definition I myself have been a racist and an advocate for racism. But I continually ask myself what is behind racism? One minute is unfortunately not nearly enough for me to express my experiences and what I’ve learned. I’ve grown as a person over this semester and whilst reading and sharing my thoughts have found the same bigotry and hatred I disdained from racists in myself. 

Social Alienation

by Albaraa Jadallah

The works featured in my video are responses to Minor Feelings and The Metamorphosis. In this speech, the main focus is the impacts of alienation on one’s mental state. I wish I had more time so that I could use more evidence and discuss other works read in this class. If I had more time, I would use Reel Injun and Heart Berries.

On Stereotypes

by Kevin Nettey

My speech focuses on the text Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong and the film Reel Injuns, both of which focus on the effects of stereotypes, although to varying degrees. As I mention in my speech, my experiences this semester granted me an insight on the adverse effects that stereotyping has on people and our relationships with them.

The Restraints Of Stereotypes

by Ishaan Bajpai

In this speech, I try to explain how societal and mental “restraints” can be broken. Using an illustration of a person breaking away from their restraints using their mental strength, I try to show that stereotypes can be restraints to a person’s success. I use an adapted example from Minor Feelings to explain the impacts of stereotypes. While offering a solution, I use Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s idea of false narratives and how you can break away from stereotypes by understanding your roots and culture.

Social Status of Asian Americans

by David Kim

In my speech, I connected two-course contents, the book Minor Feelings and AAA Statement on Race, into my elevator speech, to depict the ambiguity of the social status of Asian-Americans in the society of America. As a minority, Asian-Americans are being mistreated in American society and this is not only the problem of people who are mistreating Asian-Americans, but also the problem of the whole society. This is the problem that everyone should work on in order to make equal society.

Asian Suppression and Racial Profiling

by Max Chen

In my speech, I have chosen the concept of racial profiling and Asian Suppression. The submission that supplements the concepts are chosen from Week 2 and 4 submissions, when we responded to the book Minor Feelings. I’ve briefly introduced both of these works and the connection that I feel between myself and the two particular submissions I have made this semester.


by Guillaume Hu

My speech focus on the search for identity that has been an important theme throughout the semester. I use my answer from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story as well as my illustration from Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong. In my speech, I emphasize the importance of getting rid of prejudices because of its role in people’s struggle to identity themselves. 

Minorities in America

by Brandon Hsia

For my elevator speech, I decided to focus on my weekly response number 3 due to recent events in the Asian American community. It focuses on the book Minor Feelings written by Cathy Park Hong and the book Heart Berries written by Terese Marie Mailhot. In my speech, I talk about racism and discrimination minorities face in America. 

Storytelling through Illustration

by Elise Marsicek

This elevator speech introduces the illustration I created for response 2 surrounding central themes depicted in Minor Feelings. This response stood out to me because it showcases how ideas from authors like Cathy Park Hong or Terese Marie Mailhot can be translated into many different mediums of narration, such as a drawing. The pain that Hong or Mailhot describe in their own texts is not easy to personify, but instead can be depicted in storytelling and understood in our own pictures of such ideas.


by Ethan Valera

In this video, I present my best work: a drawing of my interpretation of Cathy Park Hong’s definition of “minor feelings.” I focus on themes of identity, primarily the distortion and erasure of one’s identity and racial experiences, found in Cathy Park Hong’s book, Minor Feelings, and Terese Mailhot’s memoir, Heart Berries.

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